Version History

Whats New in remiCrystal

Meeting your Report Scheduling Needs

29 September 2018 – Version 4.0 Build 5027

  • Resizable email compose screen
  • Ability to select different header sizes when composing HTML emails
  • Fixed parameter error when using reports with subreports
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

27 August 2018 – Version 4.0 Build 5024

  • Improved user experience when setting up Crystal Reports
  • SQL Reports export to CSV can now have custom delimiters and separators
  • Minor improvements and bug fixes

3 August 2018 – Version 4.0 Build 5023

  • Adds new picker for Crystal Reports should you have a different version than what remiCrystal ships with
  • New triggers will now catch up and execute if their execution time was missed for any reason
  • You can now select the delimiter and separator when exporting SQL Reports to CSV
  • Other various bug fixes

1 July 2018 – Version 4.0 Build 5022

  • Adds compatibility with the latest Crystal Reports Runtime Files
  • Fixes a bug where the 5th of the month was missing from the selection drop-down
  • Fixes a bug where some Excel Reports would fail with a “break-point” error
  • Other various bug fixes

28 October 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5020

  • Added SQL Reports Scheduling – just type in your SQL query and remiCrystal will create a report and deliver the results as a PDF, CSV, Excel (xls and xlsx) or XML
  • Added ability to temporarily reveal the Windows password for triggers to reduce user errors
  • Improved icons for the different report types that remiCrystal supports
  • Other various bug fixes

10 October 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5018

  • Added the ability for SSRS Reports to only be processed and sent when they contains data
  • Other various bug fixes

13 September 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5017

  • Further improvements to Crystal Report bursting
  • Better validation of Windows Task passwords
  • New variable for Week of Year
  • Other various bug fixes

13 June 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5015

  • Ability to revert back to v1 Scheduled Tasks API for users who kept getting the “incorrect username or password” error when saving triggers
  • Improvements to Crystal Report bursting
  • Various bug fixes

17 May 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5014

  • FTP Download task now support wild cards
  • Bug fixes

17 April 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5010

  • Added ability to download files from an FTP server as an inline action
  • Added ability to write and append to files located on an FTP server
  • Upgraded to use the latest API for Windows Task Scheduler which now allows
    • ability to run tasks on the Last Day of any given month (or months)
    • ability to organize the remiCrystal tasks into their own sub-folder in the Task Scheduler
    • ability to set the OS compatibility for the given triggers
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException error
  • Fixed LoadReportFailed errors
  • Fixed SSRS authentication errors
  • You can finally resize the remiCrystal window!
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

16 March 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5007

  • Further memory optimization when running multiple Crystal and SSRS Reports
  • Added ability to use SSRS’s Execution endpoint for optimized report execution
  • Increased timeout threshold for External Data queries to reduce errors
  • Fixed an issue when using remiCrystal External Data variables for SSRS Report parameters
  • Fixed an issue when using a Send Email action and the body text was delivered as an attachment instead of being rendered in the email body itself
  • Fixed an issue where error alerts were thrown when a bursting report was blank even if “Ignore if Blank” was set
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

4 January 2017 – Version 4.0 Build 5005

  • **IMPORTANT** from this build onwards, remiCrystal requires an active support maintenance to function. It will cease functioning after support maintenance has lapsed by 60 days or more.
  • Fixes an issue where deleting one trigger would delete all triggers (sorry about that)
  • Added a View to show how many days are left in maintenance once they are 90 days or less left
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

30 November 2016 – Version 4.0 Build 5003

  • Fixes an issue with the Run SQL post-processing action

9 November 2016 – Version 4.0 Build 5002

  • Fixes an issue when browsing an SSRS server with sub-folders
  • Fixes an issue where running a task for new records only did not work correctly

13 October 2016 – Version 4.0 Build 5001

  •  Added compatibility with the latest version of SSRS (2016)
  • Added new variables: Executing Windows Username, Executing Windows Domain and Fiscal Week
  • Improved iconography for reports
  • Improved the Task Monitor UI and fixed an issue where phantom tasks would appear as duplicates
  • Improved integration with Crystal Reports: remiCrystal will now install the use the latest Crystal Report Runtimes as default.
  • Improved error logging when any issues occur
  • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements

27 July 2016 – Version 4.0 Build 5000

  •  Added ability to export SSRS Reports and Crystal Reports to PowerPoint presentation**
  • Added “Copy Files” Action**
  • Added “Delete Files” Action**
  • Added ability to run Excel macros as part of the Workbook Export process**
  • Added ability to specify saving of Excel workbook into a different Excel format e.g. XLSM to XLS or XLSX
  • Refined the UI to bring common tasks to the surface
  • Added a Feedback button so that you can make feature requests and tell us how we are doing right from the application
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes

**Available in the Advanced Edition of remiCrystal

22 December 2015 – Version 3.5 Build 4020

  •  Added ability to embed an entire HTML table into an email or file from a SQL data set
  • Added ability to rename the resulting worksheet in Excel outputs
  • Post-Processing Tasks are no longer executed if a report that is marked as “Vital” fails to run
  • Crystal Reports can be set to automatically refresh before execution so that new changes are brought in
  • Program no longer requires full Administrator rights to run making it more compatible with Windows 10
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements

27 July 2015 – Version 3.5 Build 4015

  •  Fixes a critical issue with SaaS account validation

21 July 2015 – Version 3.5 Build 4014

  •  Adds ability to alert the application administrator when a Bursting field is blank
  • Fixes an issue of using Bursting tasks where the target is a network location
  • Adds a setting for how many days to keep EML (email) files so that the system doesn’t run out of disk space
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

28 January 2015 – Version 3.5 Build 4011

  • Fixed an issue where double-clicking on rctx files would not open the Task in remiCrystal
  • Fixed issue with Printer target where it would revert to the first printer in the list
  • Fixed issue with SFTP reverting to port 2
  • Other bug fixes and enhancements

10 November 2014 – Version 3.5 Build 4010

  • Fixed an issue when using remiID in External Data tasks
  • Dialed down some of the UI changes in response to user feedback
  • Added a much better Home screen for common tasks.
  • Added an option to NOT save Windows credentials on tasks. This means the tasks will only run when the user is logged on.


10 November 2014 – Version 3.5 Build 4010

  • Fixed an issue when using remiID in External Data tasks
  • Dialed down some of the UI changes in response to user feedback
  • Added a much better Home screen for common tasks.
  • Added an option to NOT save Windows credentials on tasks. This means the tasks will only run when the user is logged on.

10 September 2014 – Version 3.5 Build 4008

  • Squashed a bug that was causing Activation issues in the last build.

5 September 2014 – Version 3.5 Build 4007

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements to speed up Crystal Report bursting
  • Added a Home page where users can select common tasks
  • Added ability to load and run multiple remiCrystal Tasks manually (thanks David)
  • Added ability to change the color theme of the application

25 August 2014 – Version 3.5 Build 4006

  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

29 July 2014 – Version 3.5 Build 4004

  • Compatibility with Crystal Reports 2013
  • Crystal Report bursting. Split a Crystal Report by Group Header 1 and deliver it to different targets (beta)
  • Other performance and bug fixes

05 June 2014 – Version 3.0 Build 4003

  • a new coat of paint for the entire UI – we hope you like it!
  • more bug fixes

28 May 2014 – Version 3.0 Build 4002

  • numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements

28 April 2014 – Version 3.0 Build 4000

  • various bug fixes with SSRS integration
  • new screen for registering for support

11 March 2014 – Version 3.0 Build 3008

  • Adds compatibility with Crystal Reports versions 8.5 and above!
  • minor bugs and enhancements

10 February 2014 – Version 3.0 Build 3007

  • Adds the ability to automate and schedule Microsoft Excel Workbooks!!
  • Fixes issues with Crystal Reports 11R2
  • Fixes issue with table-level logins
  • Fixes issues with SSRS integration requiring Crystal runtime files

04 December 2013 – Version 3.0 Build 3005

  • Fixes issues with Exchange Email
  • Fixes issues with the Task Monitor tool
  • Other bugs and fixes

25 November 2013 – Version 3.0 Build 3004

  • Further improvements to the installation process
  • Bug fixes and performance enhancements

23 October 2013 – Version 3.0 Build 3002

  • Adds support for the new remiCrystal SaaS Edition (pay monthly model)

10 October 2013 – Version 3.0 Build 3001

  • New and faster installation routine
  • Ability to pick your version of Crystal Reports from the Start Menu
  • Fixed bug with email accounts not appearing in Options
  • Better Crystal Reports detection
  • Other tweaks and fixes

8 August 2013 – Version 3.0 Build 3000

  • Inline Actions: Actions can now be run right along with reports
  • A load of bug fixes and tweaks

16 August 2012 – Version 2.0.* Build 2020

  • Fixes date/time format bugs for non-GB and non-US regions
  • remiCrystal tasks can now be created and used without having any reports or targets.  This useful for externally driven tasks that are set to update databases or send emails without report involvement.
  • Fixes bugs that would cause the application to unexpectedly quit when running in the background

23 January 2012 – Version 2.0.* Build 2014

  • Fixes numerous reported bugs

05 July 2011 – Version 2.0.* Build 2012

  • Fixes a critical issue affecting task execution where Twitter authentication was not set up

16 June 2011 – Version 2.0.* Build 2011

  • Fixes printing issue from SSRS
  • Fixes “Null” reference issue when creating new Crystal Report task
  • Adds a post-process task of posting an update to Twitter
  • Numerous other bug fixes.

20 October 2010 – Version 2.0.* Build 2007

  • Adds ability to run Crystal Reports that use ADO.NET datasets as data source
  • Adds ability to merge all PDF files in a task into a single file
  • Adds new System Tray icon for fast access to remiCrystal
  • Numerous bug fixes for the SSRS integration.

28 September 2010 – Version 2.0.* Build 2005

  • Fixes an issue where background tasks would be stuck in a loop and not exit
  • Fixes an issue where the fingerprint would change and require new license information


15 September 2010 – Version 2.0.* Build 2004

  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Ability to re-arrange the execution order of reports (context menu to move report up or down when in List view)
  • Ability to update all remiCrystal tasks with a new Windows user name and password
  • A setting to stop remiCrystal from trying to access Crystal Reports API (for exclusive SSRS usage)