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Report Scheduler for Crystal Reports, SSS Report and Excel Workbooks

Crystal Reports

  • remiCrystal is the best crystal report automation software that can schedule and deliver Crystal Reports and is compatible all versions of Crystal Reports. Your reports can be emailed, printed, sent to local and remote network servers, uploaded to FTP, SharePoint, Dropbox and more with remiCrystal's crystal report scheduler feature. Now schedule & automate your crystal reports easily.

SSRS Reports

  • Schedule your SSRS reports using remiCrystal perfect for SSRS reports scheduling, with support for SSRS version 2000 and above. remiCrystal supports cascading parameters, SSRS reports distribution, SSRS in SharePoint Integrated mode and custom form-based authentication.

Excel Reports

  • A lot of businesses rely on Microsoft Excel to manipulate and analyze their data and therefore have a lot of information in Workbooks. remiCrystal can be set to refresh the data connections in Excel, populate cells and then export individual worksheets to all kinds of formats including PDF and Word.


  • There is more to Business Intelligence than just reports. Sometimes you may need to download a file, send an email, post to Twitter or update your database before and/or after your reports have been run. remiCrystal Actions allow you to do just that and more.


It's Super-Reliable

It's Super-Reliable

remiCrystal utilizes the Windows Task Scheduling system for all its automation. This means that your reports will be delivered as long as Windows is running. No ifs or buts.

It's Simple and Light

It's Simple and Light

remiCrystal tasks are all stand-alone and self-contained. There is no single point of failure as is the case with systems that rely on backend databases.

It's Easy To Use

It's Easy To Use

With remiCrystal, you do not have to spend money on training your staff on how to use the software. We believe that if you can use MS Word, then you can use remiCrystal.

It's Cost-Effective

It's Cost-Effective

When you purchase remiCrystal, you will begin to realize the return on investment immediately. You will save time money and human resources. Automating your processes will reduce errors in your reporting immensely.

The Majority of remiCrystal Users would Recommend It To Others!

The Majority of remiCrystal Users would Recommend It To Others!

We recently asked our customers to tell us how likely they would be to recommend remiCrystal to their friends or colleagues and we are proud to announce that remiCrystal scored an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 50 where the industry average for Software & Apps is 28! Thank you to all our loyal customers!


remiCrystal can export your reports to PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, RTF, CSV, TEXT, TIFF, XML, Crystal Report and many more


remiCrystal can deliver your reports to Email (via SMTP and Exchange), Printers, local Disk, Network Drive, FTP, Secure FTP and many other targets


remiCrystal is a tool you can rely on. You can have different tasks running under different Windows accounts as well multiple email accounts so that every task is as unique and as individual as you would like it to be.


Don't let remiCrystal's simple interface fool you - its a beast underneath with features such as true multi-threaded execution of reports, data-driven tasks and report bursting, you will not be left wanting.

3 Steps to SuccessAs Easy As 1-2-3

Install remiCrystal

Download and install remiCrystal. It takes less than 2 minutes!

Set Up Your Reports

Pick the reports you would like scheduled, add the Targets where they should go and set up when they should run automatically

Forget About It

You can now relax in knowing that your reports will continue to run automatically and reliably